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Nutrition is ESSENTIAL to achieving peak athletic performance. This video provides information on how food fuels the body and how each macronutrient (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) works in the body to aid in performance and improve recovery.


Athlete Performance Plate

Athlete’s need adequate amounts of carbohydrates, protein, and fat to improve performance, promote recovery, and reduce the risk of injury. This video provides an overview on how to portion out meals, using the USDA MyPlate as a template based on easy, moderate, and intense training sessions.


Timing of Intake

Athletes need to eat the right kinds of foods, in the right amounts, and at the right times for peak performance. This video details when athletes should consume foods throughout the day to optimize energy and performance.


Power Hour

Eating throughout the day is essential for athlete health and performance. This video highlights two of the most important times for an athlete to consume food for fuel: the 60 minute window before and after a practice or competition. Learn how to top off energy stores and promote recovery!


Energy Balance

Food not only fuels performance, but can also help an athlete gain lean body mass or lose excess body fat. This video talks about the importance of achieving energy balance and how to use food to maintain a healthy body composition.



Food is important for health and performance, but it is equally as important to focus on the types and amounts of liquids athletes consume on a daily basis. This video identifies the importance of maintaining proper hydration, ways to monitor hydration, and strategies to hydrate throughout the day.



You cannot supplement a poor diet. Dr. Joey Eisenmann and Dr. Jeffrey Kovan discuss the dangers and misconceptions of consuming sport supplements.


Putting it All Together

Athletes need to eat the right kinds of foods, in the right amounts, and at the right times for peak performance. This video provides a synopsis of each of the main topics and highlights the key messages from each of the previous videos.


This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience for the athlete. Spartan Performance, in collaboration with MSU SportsMEDICINE and Rehabilitation Medicine, provides an integrated, holistic approach to the care and training of mid-Michigan athletes.